Sunday, March 22, 2009


No I did not decide to help my mom cleaning... Sorry mom... Ok, so my Social Studies teacher and Math teacher were asking us for the folder with everything we did this term in it... I am really... well not organized at ALL!!!! So I decided that it was time to tidy up!!! Here it is... after organizing it and what was thrown away.... Impresive....

Who says girl talk on the Phone to much?!?!?!

Ok... so this is another post of my dad. He is after all a little kid inside and does a lot of funny stuff around the house.

I recently heard that girls spend too much time on the phone... well I don't... I spend at least only 1 hour on the phone a day... my dad spends like 3 hours talking on the phone. I did not ask him to pose, he was actually talking on two phones at the time with two different people. Next time you hear someone say: "Girls talk on the phone for hours" you will defenetly remember my dad... Once again Dad I love you... please don't kill me for uploading this photo... LOL!

My dad did it!!!

What you see in this image is... toothpaste on the floor... I SWEAR I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!
It was my clumsy dad that was going to tell me something (while putting toothpaste on his toothbrush)... Well he missed the toothbrush and hit the floor... My mom didn't notice though, my dad cleaned it up before she did... he didn't want to be scolded... Oh well, I didn't do it, but I know that anytime that this happens to me I can blame it on my dad!!! Hahaha love ya dad!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gomen nasai!

Gomen Nasai (sorry in Japanese), I know I haven't bloged in a long time.... Sorry!!! I have lots of homework (Thanks a lot Ms. Gentil). I promise I will start blogging more often.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was the coldest day in my life... I live in Weston and today the temperature was... 37 degrees!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow it's going to be about 25 or something... I'M SO COLD!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Manga and Anime!

Ok, Carlota is one of my Best Friends... she reads manga... she is a bad influence... First she made me read Twilight... I got obsessed with Edward Cullen... yeah... (Thinking of him... OMG SO ROMANTIC!!!!) Ok... back to the real world... Now she made me read manga... guess what happened... I GOT OBSESSED!!!!

Manga is great, it's funny, romantic, etc... It mosly depends on what you look for, I have read the following (I recomend them) :

-Shugo Shara

-Vampire Knight

-Fruits Basket

-Meru Puri

I have read a lot of mangas.... They are great, you can check them out at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goolsbay Family (A true gift from God)

This is one part of my family... The Goolsbay Family.

There is Mike, Renae, Jayme and Mikey. Here's more about them:

Mike(Top left coner): He is a pastor at Destiny Church, he has so many gifts, he is caring, selfless, he has an incredibly big heart full of love and so many good things. He also has a blog , it is a great blog, he and Jayme inspired me to start writting this blog...

Renae(Top right corner): She is so sweet and loving, she is always smiling and has never has a bad day in her entire life. She is a very happy person with a beautiful family.
Jayme(Bottom left): WOW!!! She is amazing... She knows basketball, volleball, how to play guitar. She is crazy, funny, sweet, always happy and full of energy... She is beautiful inside and out, and she also has her own blog ( It is great! Like her.
Mikey(Bottom right corner): He is younger than me... but you vould think it's the other way around... He is so tall!!!!!!, well... besides that... He is caring, sweet, he is just like his dad, he also knows how to play the guitar and he is really shy.
They are part of my family and I love them!!!! One thing that we share is our love for God, our faith and love for him. This is the Goolsbay family, my family.